Cold Aisle Containment

The number one cost of data warehouses is the physical cooling of the building, so the hot aisle/cold aisle idea was proposed to decrease the energy and cost involved in management of servers’ temperature in data centers. The most basic form of a hot aisle/cold aisle setup consists of server racks placed alternatively with cold or hot air sources placed in between.

The arrangement is such that cold air intake is facing one way, while hot air exhaust is on the other side of the server rack. Other equipment is available such as blowers and chillers to increase efficiency and avoid the mixing of the different temperatures of air.

credit by Technopedia


  • With a Customize design could accomodate the objective of expectation
  • Fastest production with fastest installation
  • Flexible design and able to integrate with data hall utility system
  • With Fire rated material as of standard perfomability

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